Robot Battery Pack

The robot battery pack is designed efficiently covering the internal layout, power source and external guards. Advanced safety systems and innovation are deployed to ensure a hazard free and fire protection use. The battery internal electronics offer the best stability in robots. Our battery packs are compatible for powering small-to-large-sized robots and can be used with any battery holders.

Our rechargeable battery packs find various robotics applications covering

  • • Unmanned vehicles and drones
  • • Police & fire and rescue robots
  • • Education centric robots
  • • Automated manufacturing & warehousing tools
  • • Processing robotic instruments
  • • Household robotic devices
  • • Robotic prosthetics and many others
Country of Origin : Made in India
Battery Capacity : 12 AH
Voltage : 12.8 V
Brand : Eco Vehicle
Battery Type : Lithium-Ion
Usage/Application : Robot